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We understand that you have plenty of choices when it comes to careers resources. Why are we different, and what do we offer? There are comprehensive overviews of what makes Nicube different and what do we offer in our FAQ section, which we strongly advise you to read. For those of you looking for quick answers, please see this short summary of our offering.

We are truly excited about all the functionality described above, but we have to admit something..we do have some favourites amongst our features. And with a tiny bit of parental pride, we are delighted to introduce you to the three of them.

cubeBoard » read more

  • cubeBoard is your very own personalized forum, fully under your control
  • Hate crawling through multiple forums and subforums to find out what's happening?
  • We fixed that problem. For good.
  • It's like 'mix and match', for a discussion board. Just pull together categories and sub-forums from the entire platform.
  • We've revolutionized information flow. You just sign up.

cubeFeed » read more

  • RSS feeds often fail because they overwhelm you with information, frequently without proper categories
  • We fixed that problem, too. Meet cubeFeed. Pick and choose, mix and match.
  • cubeFeed gives you full control over your very own, personalized RSS feed, pulling together content of your choice from across Nicube, categorized by users, networks and type of information.
  • We've revolutionized information flow. You just sign up.

cubeNews » read more

  • Tried reading 3 newspapers and 20 blogs front to back? Doesn't work, does it?
  • But how do you avoid missing the important bits? Meet cubeNews.
  • An 24/7, interactive, poll-based list of stories most widely followed by Nicube members
  • Categorized and voted up or down by all readers, cubeNews aid your information selection and discovery
  • We've revolutionized information flow. You just sign up.

Nicube Overview » read more

What makes us different?

  • clever interface & focus on you
  • cluster-like structure
  • features & community

What do we offer?

  • Internal content: forums, a Q&A section, blogs, articles, comments
  • External content: news, videos, libraries, directories
  • Features: clusters, friends/networking fuctions, profiles, to-do lists, internal messaging
  • ..and much more

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